1972 – Planned Marriage



Planned marriages are the norm for show dogs.  They have to be, as it is necessary to choose a stud dog for your bitch which will, as a minimum, protect the animal’s existing good qualities and hopefully go some way towards remedying some of its defects.  For every dog has defects.  People who do not recognise this point are said to be kennel blind.  They are unlikely to progress very far in the doggy game, for they will always fail to recognise that which needs improvement.  Having said that such people have limited potential for success, I have to admit that occasionally one will get on.  You can recognise them immediately when they judge.  They totally ignore some faults, and when you view their stock you realise why.  All of this is a matter of opinion of course!


I think it would be fair to say that at this stage of our development we were kennel blind.  We simply didn’t know enough about it to recognise other than major glaring faults, none of which, of course, was exhibited by Brena. For this reason, and also because we knew very little about the pros and cons of the various stud dogs, it would have been very foolish of us not to have sought advice before mating Brena when she came into season.  Indeed, it would have been equally foolish of us to have even made alone the more basic decision that we would have her mated.


It was through this combination of circumstances which involved extreme ignorance on our part, coupled with a continuing interest on Marigold’s, that it came about that we received instructions from her to mate Brena to a particular stud dog whose owner had been contacted and agreed to the proposal.


We dutifully saluted and then received further instructions as to how to tell when Brena, during her season, had arrived at her approximate mating day.  The technical books will fill you in on that if you are interested.  I would merely suggest that you avoid reading them on this point at mealtimes.


When the day came, we drove down to the stud dog’s home (the bitch always goes to the dog – very civilised) and prepared to sit back and bear witness to the event in much the same way that courtiers would, in the middle ages, witness the consummation of a royal marriage.


Not so. Viv’s mother had come with us and the three of us looked on in bewilderment as the stud dog’s owner produced a box, a piece of sacking, a lead, a torch and a jar of Vaseline.  We found the Vaseline understandable, the sacking, box and lead inexplicable and the torch positively interesting.


In the event, the torch proved to be the least interesting of the items.  It was simply that it was dark outside and the ceremony was to be performed in the front garden.  The lead was to hold Brena in case she tried to run away, and the sacking was for the stud dog owner to kneel on.  The stud dog was getting on a bit and the box was to assist him should he need to use it to help him climb up to the required position.  You don’t need to have the Vaseline explained, do you?


After a few surprised complaints from Brena, and a lot of huffing, puffing and slobbering from the dog, they eventually tied.


The two animals stood side by side for a while, he looking relieved (one more for my tally), she not appearing to have especially enjoyed her first experience of this sex lark.


Brena had to be brought back a second time, just in case we hadn’t got the right day the first time. Viv’s mother, who by now considered us accessories to rape, didn’t come. Viv wasn’t able to come this time and left Brena in my care.


When we arrived we went through the same procedure as before, except that Brena had obviously been thinking about things in the interim and this time she practically raped the dog.


If you are a married man and are having difficulty in starting a family, I recommend that you try something which the stud dog owner did as soon as each of these matings was completed and the dogs separated.  I have never seen it done since, but it must work because Brena became pregnant.  She lifted Brena’s back legs up into the air and gave her a good shake.  Don’t forget to discuss this idea with your wife beforehand.